A gift of memories

Riverside in Upstate New YorkI was living on the excuse train while deciding to put pen to paper. “All aboard! Next stop ‘Denial Isle’…” I simply don’t have time. There are too many commitments to fulfill – a family to care for, freelance work to complete, a house to clean, dinner to make and pets to play with.

The truth is, I feared if anyone would be interested in reading about my experiences, no matter how touching I found them – the funny camping stories, world travel, cultural intelligence and sensory overload of rich flavors, breathtaking scenery, intoxicating smells and native tongues that are deeply ingrained in every fiber of my being. The only thing scarier than putting yourself out there is to put yourself out there and receive no response, as if your thoughts and words are merely an echo in the universe.

I’ve grappled with creating this space for quite some time but in the end it was a life event that caused a domino effect of reflection, one that led to this very post.

One of my dearest friends – a fellow wild spirit, world traveler and lovely soul – moved back home to make a different kind of memory…. new beginnings. Prior to her, I was content with a mental image that left a smile in my heart and a footprint in my soul. I didn’t feel the need to document everyday memories that I believed would always be in the back of my mind but actually took for granted. I realized what is the logic in closing your eyes and being taken to a beautiful distant memory if you can’t take someone there with you. Memories are one of our most precious gifts and failing to share is not only sad but sinful. What a realization… Even in parting, she had that profound impact on me.

This blog is my gift of memory to you, reader. A collage of past journal entries, photographs, captions, quotes, stories, travel suggestions, resources and recipes that make me who I am, shape my worldview and keep me coming back for more. So here’s to cherishing the past, living in the present and welcoming the future.


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