Is Backpacking Changing Or Am I?

Great perspective and entertaining delivery.

Bemused Backpacker

As you read this lament of a not so modern day backpacker I hope you will excuse this brief sojourn into my grown up self as I mourn the loss of my twenties – and even early thirties – and embrace my inner grumpy old man.

I have been backpacking a long time now, over ten years now in fact, and in that time I have seen so many changes in the world and in the backpacker community. More people are travelling independently now, and that is a great thing, but as modern technology has advanced and time has moved on, the way in which people travel has inexorably changed too.

I remember a time when travel was simpler, or at least it seemed to be. Back when ‘The Beach’ wasn’t nostalgic, when digital cameras were still a relatively new thing and mobile phones only came in the old Nokia…

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