It’s raining leaves.

This post is a spin off of WordPress’ daily prompt Singin’ In the Rain.

Fall Leaves

I watch your eyes sparkle in wonder,
as heavenly colors float your way.
It’s raining leaves, I say.

Gently swaying in the breeze,
they dance like no one is watching
and slowly find a haven in your innocent presence.

Mystified by an autumn blessing,
I see your tiny hands – God’s creation,
reach toward the twinkling sky in delight, beckoning for more.

I’m dazzled and tickled by your giggles.
My heart smiles,
and my soul is enlightened with a sense of purpose.

In this moment of peaceful observance and mindful tranquility,
I am born again
and absolved of all my earthly sins.
I reflect how every wrong turn has led me to our moment.
It’s raining leaves, Hannah.


Coffee Talk

This is in response to Writing Wings for You, encouraging all folks to tap into their inner poet. The blog’s latest challenge is coffee talk.

I close my eyes and breathe in your aroma,
captivated by your allure.
Rich and bold,
I savor each ingredient’s scent and distinctive flavor.

There’s no rush,
for my angel is discovering the delight of dreaming.
Our possibilities are endless.

A cheap high,
you take me there.
Back to a first date,
an intellectual debate,
and a hangover cure.

Back to a morning perk in Latin America,
an afternoon espresso in Italy,
and road java in Dublin.

And right on cue,
back to reality.
A light cry pulls my darling from Never, Never Land.

Until tomorrow, until tomorrow.

Bewley's Cafe, Dublin
Bewley’s Cafe, Dublin