Food Review: Shorty’s Diner, a Virginia Staple

Shorty'sIf God intended for there to be another food group, He would just call it Shorty’s Diner. No, you didn’t read the first line incorrectly and yes, I stated an entire diner’s breakfast menu should be honored with its own food pyramid category.

I pity the fool who eats merely to live, for there’s absolutely no enjoyment in sustenance alone and, in which case, Shorty’s wouldn’t be the establishment for you. I relish in a great breakfast experience and this spot delivers just that, a family owned and operated pig-out spot that features blog worthy family recipes.

Hide your calorie calculator and get ready to give your taste buds a treat. Simply put, it’s homemade “foodie” goodness wrapped in a pretty bow, a must-stop-and-eat-til-I-drop experience while in Williamsburg, VA. How good, you ask? Delicious enough that my husband and I ducked in for two consecutive days of breakfast. Now, it’s highly unusual for us to visit the same restaurant back-to-back, especially while traveling. There are so many tempting eateries within every neighborhood that it’s criminal not to try as many as possible but Shorty’s, oh Shorty’s, you were worth a sinful, diet breaking double dip.

Shorty's breakfast menuExpect friendly staff to dish out hearty homemade favorites served in extra large portions with a DEAL sticker for a price tag. It’s classic comfort food done right – close your eyes and smack your lips kinda good.

Taste Tested and Approved: Shorty’s Special, The Hangover Special, Corned Beef Hash, Sausage Biscuits and Gravy, Country Fried Steak, Pancakes, Bacon, Home Fries, Hashbrowns and Coffee.

5 Stars – The eggs were cooked exactly to order; sausage biscuits and gravy were gut-busting amazing and are worthy of a prisoner’s last meal … the biscuits, ohh those biscuits; pancakes were larger than the plate itself, light, fluffy and impossible to stop devouring; and homemade hashbrowns were done to golden brown deliciousness.

4 Stars – The country fried steak featured a well seasoned, light and crisp batter that was fried perfectly; the corned beef hash was right on point; and they served a good coffee that was piping hot.

3.7 Stars – The home fries were good, and obviously fresh cut, but lacked the flavor you expect when packing a homemade punch, especially since onions and peppers were included. In fairness, many restaurants hold the salt/seasoning so consumers can add at the table to reflect personal taste.

Shorty’s diner is an East Coast gem and local favorite, from its tasty menu to weekly Friday Night Cruz Thrus. It’s like Mama’s home cookin’… mmm, mmm, delicious.

4.5 Stars Overall